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A story about a man and his US Navy experience
Read about the flag on page 85

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 -Childhood Days
   War and Dying
   Living on the Farm
   Small Town America
   BB Gun Incident
   Losing a Friend
   Being Responsible
   Draft Registration
   Beating the Draft

Chapter 2 -Boot Camp Experience
   Arriving at Camp Barry
   Taking an Oath
   In Processing
   Navy Basics
   Ships Around the World
   Fire Fighting
   Nothing Lasts Forever
   K P Duty
   The Gas Mask
   Navy Nonsense
   A Thief
   A Big Pussy
   Gun Training
   National Defense Medal

Chapter 3 -Class "A" School
   Christmas 1966
   The Diamond Pin
   Foggy Night
   Drunken Train Ride
   The Stolen Car
   The Sjoquist Family
   More Weekends at Home
   My Girlfriend
   Next Duty Station

Chapter 4 -USS Kearsarge History
   The First Kearsarge 1861-1894
   The Second Kearsarge 1898-1941
   The Third Kearsarge 1946-1974
   Korean War
   Ship’s Log
   Post Korea
   Space Program
   Vietnam War
   Back in Long Beach
   Sailors Hurt in Blast

Chapter 5 -On The USS Kearsarge
   Arriving in Long Beach
   The Ship
   Required Movie Films
   Chief I. M. Sheethead
   Making Coffee
   My Hawaiian Friend
   Pearl Harbor
   Don Ho

Chapter 6 -Life at Sea
   Peeking Over the Flight Deck
   Colored Shirts
   Dear John Letter
   Turning in
   Airplane Mishap
   Mysterious Metal Box
   General Quarters
   At Sea Operations
   Man Overboard
   Navy Food
   Water Hours
   Mail Call
   My Job

Chapter 7 -Port Of Yokosuka
   Entering Yokosuka
   Tokyo Tour
   The American Flag
   New Camera
   The Submarine
   Flight Deck
   Hotsi Bath

Chapter 8 -Port Of Hong Kong
   Rust vs. Silver
   Hong Kong
   Custom Made Uniform
   Kowloon Tour

Chapter 9 -Port Of Subic Bay
   Olongapo City
   Pagsanjan Falls Tour

Chapter 10 -Port Of Sasebo
   The Fire
   Rocking The Ship
   Nagasaki Tour
   Sasebo Streets
   Run In with the Shore Patrol

Chapter 11 -Pueblo, Korea, & Home
   The Long Journey
   Vietnam Poem

Chapter 12 -Dry Dock Overhaul-1968
   The Roommate
   Promotion to ETN3
   The Old Salt
   July 4, 1968
   A Job Offer
   Met With Lynn and Steve
   Summer of 1968
   Downtown Long Beach
   Meritorious Unit Commendation
   Laser Factory
   San Diego School
   Battle Efficiency Award
   Sheila, My New Girlfriend
   Christmas Leave 1968
   Long Beach Party
   New Commanding Officer

Chapter 13 -Larry’s Death

Chapter 14 -Second Vietnam Cruise
   My New Job
   Back at Sea
   Tora! Tora! Tora!
   Re-Occurring Nightmare
   Underway Again
   Another Broken Heart
   New Orders
   My Computer Connection
   Pot and Alcohol
   CIA or FBI
   Standing Watch
   A Journey in Japan
   Subic Bay
   Water Skiing
   Broken Penis
   Day in Manila
   Disaster at Sea
   First Man on the Moon
   Another Day
   July Fourth
   Swim Call
   An Attempted Suicide
   Shore Patrol Duty
   Hong Kong
   Destination CONUS
   Top Secret Circuit Boards

Chapter 15 -My Last Four Months
   Off Loading Ordinance
   Getting My New Car
   A Date with Carol
   The Decommission Process
   Night Watch
   Processing Out
   So, It Was Done… 
   CVS-33 Travel Summary
   The Fourth Kearsarge 1992

Chapter 16 -Life after the Navy
   No Fanfare
   Picking Up Where I Left Off
   Dee Dee
   Apollo 11 Spacecraft Foil
   Old Friends
   A Career Faded Away
   Navy Connection
   My Family’s Military Service
   A Visit With Soldiers
   Giving Back
   POW LT. Cdr. Charlie Plumb
   What happened to the HMAS Melbourne?
   Flags Of Honor
   Back In Hawaii
   Commander Bucher
   Vietnam Wall
   San Francisco
   Code Talkers
   Meeting LT. Jim Brown
   Greeting Soldiers
   Vanity Plates
   WW II Survivor
   Returning To Great Lakes
   Finding Old Friends in 2013
   The Evening Prayer
   We Serve With Honor
   My Heroes
   How Ridiculous!
   My Final Conclusion To All This Is
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