What is the story about the flag?  Read about it on page 85.
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A story about a man and his US Navy experience
Read about the flag on page 85
Proud to have received the following recognition from my readers.
Dale , I enjoyed reading MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIENCE and found it a very interesting book.  Dale presents Leonard with Million Dollar Experience
"Dale, this is a very interesting book"
Steve Spratt
USS Entersprise CVN-65
G Division
"A job well done... Top-rate"
Sonny Richardson
USS Kearsarge CVS-33
R Division
US Army
"The book is outstanding"
Lynn VanAcker
USS Navarro APA-215
USS Meeker County LST-980
Ron Smith, USS Kearsarge CVS-33, ​S-4 Division
Cheryl Moruss
wife of the late
Roy Moruss
USS Kearsarge CVS-33
OE Division
Michael Douglas
USS Kearsarge CVS-33

Thanks for the write ups about me. We did a lot of things together, we just did not know each other. We were on the same trip to the falls. I saw the same things that you did.
Read about Steve on Pages 24, 78, and 113
Read about Ron on pages 69, 70, 80, 97, 99, 105, and 187
"I'm loving the book"
So many things you wrote about I remember Roy talking about.
Read about Roy on pages 89, 119, 128, 138, 139, 149, 154, 168, and 187
Read about Lynn on Pages 13, 31, 78, 113, 118, 120, 135,137, and 187.
Read about Leonard in Chapter 16, about WWII Survivor
Read about Sonny on pages 68, 101, and 187
"It is great, hope you are selling lots of books"
Aussie hat from HMS Melborne
John Hand
USS Kearsarge CVS-33
OE Division
Read about John on pages 128, 138, 139, 141, 145, and 187
"Really enjoying this book!"
I was up til 1 A.M. reading it the first night I had it. Just like being back there!
Leonard Joslin
USS Quincy CA-39
Jack White -  USS Kearsarge CVS-33
S-1 Division
Allen Grant
USS Kearsarge CVS-33
OE Division
Read about Jack on pages iii, vi, 97, 99, and 187
"You have a wealth of memories here"
"You have done a great job..."
Read about Allen on pages 145 and 187
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Bill Hollywood
USS Kearsarge CVS-33
OE division
Read about Bill on page 187  Bill's photos on pages 142, 147 and 148
"This is an Awesome book!"
About our experiences in the Navy, and on the Kearsarge. 
Thank you for putting it all down in this book. We had a Great time.
Sank at Guadalcanal on August 9, 1942 by the Japanese
Aussie hat from HMS Melborne
"Dale, this was more than a million dollar experience, it was at least a two or three million dollar experience." Sonny
Cary Standard
US Army, 101st Airborne
Vietnam Veteran
Read about Cary on page 6
Allan Ebell
USS Sequoia
​USS Surprise PG-97
USS Graham County APG- 1176
OE Division
Read about Allan on page 25, 28, 184
As a reader, I was careful to note the emotional highs and lows you so skillfully touched.  Your stories of ports-of-call were fun and at other times was sobering.  All were entertaining.
When your job requires you to wear two metal ID tags around your neck, you are an American  hero.
Wayne Maddy
US Air Force
Read about Wayne on page v, 3, 10, 25, 120, 170, 174, 187
Jan Kordel
USS Kearsarge CVS-33
​W Division
1958 - 1960
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Just finished reading your book, and it was a great read.  Brought back memories of my time on the Kearsarge. 
"Great read"
Anyone that wants to read a Great book get a hold of me. A Friend of mine wrote about his experiences during his life and through Vietnam while he was in the Navy on board the USS Kearsarge - Aircraft Carrier. This really gives you a birds eye view of what life was like through Dales eyes. You can also get a hold Dale Maddy right here on Facebook or go to his website to buy this book. You will not be disappointed.
Click here for link to Museum page
"You will not be disappointed"
Also available at these locations... Click here 
I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. It was so well written. I thought it might be gory & sad but it wasn't at all. Real class all the way through. I'm very proud of you. I've been telling everyone I know to buy it at Wingers or check it out at the library. We will always feel the loss of Larry. You handled that part well too. God bless you & have a happy & safe Christmas season. 
"Real class all the way through"
Thomas A. Gabianelli "Gabby" DK3, USS Kearsarge CVS-33, S4 Division
"It brought back many fond memory's"
Just finished reading your book...well done comrad! It brought back many fond memory's and then some. I should tell you though that I do remember you. As soon as I saw the cover of the book you were familiar, maybe I handled your pay record or remember you with "Smitty". My picture is in the cruise book after winning first place in the ships variety talent show playing the snare drum. I remember playing at the Playgirl Club in Hong Kong...sooooo much fun! 
Bret Esse
WWII Museum
Portage, WI.
Barry Rittle ETN2, USS Kearsarge CVS-33, OE Division
Read about Barry on page 26 and 187
"I highly recommend it"
Million Dollar Experience is a book written by my friend and fellow shipmate, Dale Maddy; I'm even mentioned a few times in it! Great read, I highly recommend it.
Your book arrived today and my wife asked to see it. Anyway when I got ready to leave she was getting into it and asked if she could keep it. She is almost half way done with it. She loves it my friend, she says she has heard a lot of those stories already and it gives me credibility. Not sure if she thought I was blowing smoke or what?
"She loves it my friend"
Larry Roberts - school mate
"Your stories brought back memories"
I read your book and enjoyed your way of relating growing up in the 50s and 60s. Many of your stories brought back memories. I remember what a kind and patient person your mother was. I was impressed with the special relationship you had with your Dad. The way you described growing up in your family brought back fond memories of them.
Donna Brown
"Couldn't put it down"
Just finished your book! Couldn't put it down. I was a little confused when you talked about different parts of the ship but I really enjoyed it. Thank you Dale!  
Yes please do read. You won't be sorry
Mike Hibner ETN2, Dan Doheny ETR3 & Don Ziebarth ETN3
USS Kearsarge CVS-33, OE Division
Read about Don on page 102
"I couldn’t put it down"
Received your book yesterday and finished it last night. I couldn’t put it down. It was a good read and a great trip down memory lane. Congrats on a job well done. Don Ziebarth
Allen proudly flies the flag at his home.
A Great Patriot!
Peace & Love, Sally Howlett.
LT Gary Howlett US Army on Page 135 & 137
"Great Read! I look forward to you next one"
“Holy cow, MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIENCE is great! To think a bunch of kids barely out of our gym shorts traveled that distance is amazing. If you think about it, we left the security of our family homes, found our way to boot camp, then to a ship, and then to foreign countries where we couldn't even speak the language. We all hung out together and took care of each other. I don't believe there is anywhere else that this goes on except in the military. You have a wealth of memories here that means a lot to the people that went through it.”
Click here for Charlies website
"If you've been in the military, reading MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIENCE will bring back wonderful memories (as it did for me). But if you haven't, you'll get an up-close look at the life of a US Navy Sailor. In either case, you'll be intrigued and inspired at the successful life of Dale Maddy and the down-to-earth, can-do attitude he honed while he was a "flat-top" sailor aboard the USS Kearsarge."​
"An up-close look at the life of a US Navy Sailor"
Capt. Charlie Plumb USNR (ret)
USS Kittyhawk CVA-63, Carrier Pilot and POW '67-73
On initial reading of MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIENCE, I was truly impressed with the attention to life lessons, both as a civilian and as an enlisted sailor. Petty Officer Maddy provides insights to the enlisted Navy during Vietnam.  He is able to forge out an optimistic message that is both memorable and highly readable. Dale's message also focuses on enlisted leadership -- a valuable lesson. I highly recommend this book.​
"I highly recommend this book"
Capt. Peter Van Ness USNR (ret)
I first met Dale Maddy during a reunion of USS Kearsarge shipmates in San Diego and almost immediately I found myself reading MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIENCE. I was mildly interested in his book at the outset but after a few pages I was intrigued; first with his portrayal of his early civilian life and later with his ability to recreate scenarios of his Navy experiences. While the book describes his experiences during the Vietnam War, I was amazed at the similarities with my own service during the Korean War including visits to liberty ports in the Western Pacific. Once involved, readers will find that they will be unable to stop reading the book due to his literary ability to cast a web of interest.
"Readers will find that they will be unable to stop reading"
LCDR, Gene R. Setula, USNR (ret), USS Kearsarge CVA-33
Kent Weiser ADJ3, USS Kearsarge CVS-33, V6 Division 1959-1961
"I have repeated your story"
I have repeated your story from your book about you and your crew mates making the Mighty K rock from the radar mast. Finished your book before I left San Diego. Good job! Shall have to re-read it next fall.
I just finished reading MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIENCE. What a great story! I really learned a lot about the Navy, and life in the Navy--also, about what happened during your service. I liked your honesty, about what really happened, and what your thoughts were about what happened. It was a good travelogue of South East Asia. I really appreciate your sacrifice for our country, and your family's sacrifice too, and I am sorry you lost Larry when he was so young. I agree that everyone should serve this country in some way, because this country gives all of us so much. And your final paragraph is so uplifting. Thank you for a great experience, reading your story.
Betsy Grant, Author of "Adventures of Point-Man Palmer"
"What a great story!"
I love how your book is divided into short, sweet sections. I can read a bit here and there. I am so sorry about your brother Larry. What a painful loss for your family. I have two boys and I can't imagine. I also read about the fun you had in those bathtubs in Japan. The Evans crewmen I interviewed and some of the letters and tapes of the lost 74 talk about this. Apparently, one letter revealed, that every man in First Division got lucky with a special lady in Subic Bay. Good for them.  Again, love the book. Wish I had found it about two years ago.
Let's keep in touch. 
Louise Esola, author of "American Boys
Click here for www.fireflythebook.com
I read your book and got a lot out of it because I've never read the first-hand story of what it was like on a ship in the navy, so it was very educational for me. I think it is so valuable for veterans to write their stories so people know what life was like in a war zone, and your book adds to that pool of information that is a part of our national heritage. Thank you for writing it.
"It was very educational for me"
"Love the book"
Richard E. Diller
USAF pilot 
Author of "FIREFLY"
Thomas Caldwell
USS Kearsarge CVS-33
A Division 
Martin Sterrett ETR2, USS Kearsarge CVS-33, OE Division, 1966-1969
Read about Marty on page 102
Randy Brandenburg
US Army
Vietnam Veteran
"My friends didn't believe me"
click here for Amazon.com
"When I told my friends about rocking the ship from the mast, they didn't believe me, but now in MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIENCE, I have proof that it really did happen and I was part of the experience.
Dale is right, it was a Million Dollar Experience, I wouldn't trade it for anything."
A lot of men were aboard those carriers, during that time frame. 65-69 for myself on this same ship. I couldn't put into words my feelings of that time . This book does a good job of putting me back there. Great read, thank you. *****
"Great title... ...What an experience"
Dennis Pierce IC3
Enjoyed the book.  
Cowgirl reader
"Fast read - Four Stars"
"Million Dollar Read"
Dennis Ward  
This book was fun,educational,informative and I liked it.  It took place during a difficult times for the USA and the world. It showed how friends taking care of each other helping each other get thru rough times. It also showed how to have fun with friends and family. ****
Del Francis
US Navy
USS Frank E. Evans  DD 754

Vietnam Veteran
"Enjoyed your book. Bravo Zulu!"
Very good read. It is a good description of navy life, not only for carriers but almost ALL sailors had very similar experiences at least during those times.
"Always Smiling", Joseph Melito, USS Kearsarge CVS-33
"Get the book written by Dale Maddy"
We learned a lot about how different people lived in the countries we went to. It was a great experience. If you want to read about it, get the book written by Dale Maddy. It is all about Boot Camp and the WesPac cruise. And about how the his ship got its name, Kearsarge.  It is a book all people who want to join the Navy should read, it will let you know what to expect.  You can learn a lot or just go with the flow.
Scott Jahnke
US Navy
I just finished reading your book and it brought back alot of memories of my Navy experience. If you live in WI and are available for an autograph I would like to get my book signed. Great Book!!! Thank you for your service!
"Great Book!!!"
Signed copy w/color photos from author - $18.95
add $3.05  for shipping
“Million Dollar Experience” is a great read! Dale Maddy tells a story that so many of us can relate to. Growing up in the Midwest and then being faced with a decision…join the military or not. Dale tells in great detail his experiences in the U.S.Navy. He tells of people he met and places he went, some good, some not so good. He gives us a firsthand account of daily shipboard life. Those of us who have served in our military will relate to his experiences and those who have not will gain great insight as if they were there by reading this book. “Million Dollar Experience” can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages!
Dale, Thank You for your service!

"Million Dollar Experience is a great read! "
Semper Fi,
Neil G. Bishop
Former Captain U.S.M.C.
Chuck Engel
USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
President of the United States
Donald J Trump
USS Frank E. Evans disaster survivor 
page 143
In San Diego at the USS Midway aircraft carrier. I’m showing off a book authored by a sailor who grew up a few miles from my house in Illinois. If you have not read it yet, it’s a great read available at amazon.com.

“Million Dollar Experience”. The beginning of the book is about growing up in the Midwest then it shifts to navy life and carriers. 
Other Authors comments
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David Harwood DC2, USS Kearsarge CVS 33
  DC Division, 1968 – 1969
"Really enjoyed your book, Million Dollar Experience"
Thanks Dale, I have just finished reading your book and as many others have said, good job, well done. It brought back many memories, most of which are favorable, as I was aboard Kearsarge for your second Vietnam cruise, my first.