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A story about a man and his US Navy experience
Read about the flag on page 85
If you've been in the military, reading Million Dollar Experience will bring back wonderful memories (as it did for me).  But if you haven't, you'll get an up-close look at the life of a US Navy Sailor.  In either case, you'll be intrigued and inspired at the successful life of Dale Maddy and the down-to-earth, can-do attitude he honed while he was a "flat-top" sailor aboard the USS Kearsarge.
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Dale, I enjoyed reading Million Dollar Experience and found it a very interesting book.
Holy cow, Million Dollar Experience is great! To think a bunch of kids barely out of our gym shorts traveled that distance is amazing. If you think about it, we left the security of our family homes, found our way to boot camp, then to a ship, and then to foreign countries where we couldn't even speak the language. We all hung out together and took care of each other. I don't believe there is anywhere else that this goes on except in the military. You have a wealth of memories here that means a lot to the people that went through it.
    Follow Dale's life onboard his ship and liberty calls in Far East ports. He meets interesting influential and sometimes silly people throughout his journey. Discover how he rocks a 31,000-ton ship from side to side.

​The author shares amusing encounters...
The first stop we made was at the Australian carrier HMAS Melbourne. A drunken American sailor started to go up the ladder. Everyone yelled, “Hey buddy, you are getting off at the wrong ship.” He turned around and yelled back, “Hey mate, this is my bloody ship.”

Dale explores Nagasaki, (life after the bomb) Japanese lifestyle.
We went to a mountain top where we could see the entire city from a higher vantage point. After seeing all of this he is convinced we should try to never used these weapons again.  

He denotes the 4 A.M. disaster at sea…
The ships HMAS Melbourne and USS Frank E. Evans have a collision which results in the Evans being cut in half just aft of the forward stacks. At 04:00, He is awakened by public address announcement requesting for emergency blood donors.

He shares senseless activities he and his friends ventured forth...
We tied our end of the rope to the catwalk and lifted the box over the rail. I said, “Are you ready.” He said, “Yea.” So, we let it go. The idea was to let it down slowly, but the handle was not strong enough to hold its weight and it broke off and the unit slammed into the water. The impact on the water surface was deafening like that of an exploding bomb. 

The experience of Dale’s journey delivered important lessons for living life…
When you are cold and tired and all you get are chunks of rust, you must keep diving until you get a piece of silver. 

This incredible exposure to Navy life has entrenched Dale’s patriotism to his country and the military…
My Heroes are not Superman or Brett Farve, but the Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces.
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Capt. Charlie Plumb USNR (ret)
Carrier Pilot and POW '67-73
Seaman, Jack White USN
USS Kearsarge
PO1, Leonard Joslin USN
USS Quincy survivor, WWII
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On initial reading of Million Dollar Experience, I was truly impressed with the attention to life lessons, both as a civilian and as an enlisted sailor. Petty Officer Maddy provides insights to the enlisted Navy during Vietnam.  He is able to forge out an optimistic message that is both memorable and highly readable. Dale's message also focuses on enlisted leadership -- a valuable lesson. I highly recommend this book.​
Capt. Peter Van Ness USNR (ret)
  This is a story about a boy who becomes a man. Growing up on a farm in Illinois, then as a teenager he moved to small town USA. In spite of his objection to war, he was called for duty and he chose the Navy. Dale was about to embark on an experience of a lifetime.
  Dale was assigned to a magnificent aircraft carrier during the Vietnam war, from 1967 to 1970. His story begins pre-Navy, and continues with his time in basic training, class A school, then on to the Navy man's adventures, concluding with life after honorable military discharge.
  Dale shares the history of the ship's name starting with her service in the Civil War, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnamese War and to the final days of proud mighty vessel of the American Naval fleet.
LCDR, Gene R. Setula, USNR (ret)
I first met Dale Maddy during a reunion of USS Kearsarge shipmates in San Diego and almost immediately I found myself reading Million Dollar Experience. I was mildly interested in his book at the outset but after a few pages I was intrigued; first with his portrayal of his early civilian life and later with his ability to recreate scenarios of his Navy experiences. While the book describes his experiences during the Vietnam War, I was amazed at the similarities with my own service during the Korean War including visits to liberty ports in the Western Pacific. Once involved, readers will find that they will be unable to stop reading the book due to his literary ability to cast a web of interest.
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Audio excerpt from the book, read by the author
Million Dollar Experience is a great read! Dale Maddy tells a story that so many of us can relate to. Growing up in the Midwest and then being faced with a decision…join the military or not. Dale tells in great detail his experiences in the U.S.Navy. He tells of people he met and places he went, some good, some not so good. He gives us a firsthand account of daily shipboard life. Those of us who have served in our military will relate to his experiences and those who have not will gain great insight as if they were there by reading this book. Million Dollar Experience can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages!
Neil G. Bishop
Former Captain U.S.M.C.